Tools For Agile Roles

Tools For Agile Roles

Which role do you identify with most?

Scrum Master

Project Manager

Product Owner


Team Member

Stake Holder

Speed up learning, make retrospectives more engaging and show improvements over time
Help the team to see and resolve system-level issues
Reduce time spent on manual reporting
Ensure that stakeholder expectations are realistic and work rate is sustainable
Real-time updates and comprehensible, fine grained transparency
Communicate status, engage stakeholders with comprehensible summaries and clear options
More insightful questions and awareness
See which work is imminent in the backlog, resolve prioritising challenges
Communicate to stakeholders in ways that give them options to help the project
It's clear when I am a bottleneck for the team and to keep backlog fresh and relevant
Fully participate with more useful questions
Data-based approach - enables more intriguing, safer questions
See evidence of improvements, usually in the subtlest of trends
Help stakeholders focus on the wider system - not just on the team
What should I be focusing on? What else is going on around our team?
How can we be more effective as a team - and then show evidence of improvements
Have more interesting and useful retrospectives that are worth going to
Protect us from misaligned stakeholder expectations - less weekend working and fewer 'death marches'
Are we on track? If not - tell me early and give me options to influence the outcome
Reduce risk through objective, earlier sighting of potential issues - don't just give me RAG statuses!
Help me ask more insightful, helpful questions - not just old fashioned passive 'control'