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Stuck Work

Focus the team on certain items that may have been overlooked

It’s easy for teams to forget to work on a specific item. This visual makes the forgotten items easy to see. Stuck Work charts help to raise a team’s awareness of work that they may have overlooked or has become stuck in a column on the board.
This chart allows you to see how long (in days) that an item has been in a given state and t0 quickly identify items that have been in that state for longer than the previous 30 day median.

What should we pay attention to?

The buttons along the top enable easy toggling of other elements of the project.

Having decided the states which we want track work across select them from all the states across your board, it’s easy to see the items that have been there the longest – shown in days up the Y axis. User stories and bugs are shown in different colours.

The red line shows the average time that items have spent in that state in the last 30 days.

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Got a burning question?
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