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Scatter Plot

How efficiently is work flowing through the system?

Shows the time it takes for work to go through the system (cycle time) and the trends over time.  As a team are we becoming more responsive and more predictable in the time it takes to finish something.

Provides useful data to stimulate discussion at a retrospective, by focusing on why some of the outliers took so long to be completed.

Lean Coffee Table helps distributed teams to run effective 'agenda-less' 'Lean Coffee'™ meetings.

Scatter plot charts commonly use a linear scale along the y-axis.

There is also a logarithmic scale so that you can see the work that flies across the board.

You can also clearly see the 85% percentile and the rolling median line.

Hovering over the blobs shows the exact cycle time and title of that item.

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Got a burning question?
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