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Adapt to the evolving situation in a sprint

The visual shows both task and story burndown.

The team uses the task burndown to see if they are on track  – whilst also being aware of the rate they are completing stories.

‘Mini-waterfalls’, where the stories are only completed in this last day or two, are a common challenge for teams. This delays validation of the work and causes stress.

Lean Coffee Table helps distributed teams to run effective 'agenda-less' 'Lean Coffee'™ meetings.

Are we on track? Is this a mini-waterfall?

The task burndown (in hours) runs off the left axis whilst the story burndown (in story points) is shown on the right axis.

This shows a common and unhealthy pattern in teams – i.e. only completing stories on the last day – a form of ‘mini-waterfall’.

SenseAdapt charts are actionable. Clicking on the bubbles on the line, opens a table, which users can sort or open up the issue / work item or task in JIRA/TFS/VSTS

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