Real-time, actionable project oversight for Agile teams

Give teams the tools to do their job. Help them focus and stimulate improvement with simple visualisations of their work.

Enable governance to get beyond subjective RAGs and base decisions on the objective data, whilst seeing options to influence outcomes.

Engage the stakeholders with simpler, useful visualisations.

Deliver more value by embedding the Agile principles of; transparency, visualisation, frequent feedback loops based on data.

These 12 visuals are better than you get with JIRA or TFS. Take action on what you see, forecast project outcomes, create once and share.

Which role do you identify with most?

Scrum Master

Help your team focus, identify improvements and be Agile
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Project Manager

Real-time, detailed insight into the state of work, earlier sighting of risks
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Product Owner

Effective collaboration with the team, see the true evolving picture
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Support teams and stakeholders with a system-level, data-based approach
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Team Member

Understand what’s going on and keep stakeholders’ expectations realistic
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Stake Holder

Clear overview and see options on how to influence outcomes
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Lean Coffee Table helps distributed teams to run effective 'agenda-less' 'Lean Coffee'™ meetings.

Lean Coffee Table helps distributed teams to run effective 'agenda-less' 'Lean Coffee'™ meetings.

Where to find senseadapt

SenseAdapt is available for JIRA and TFS/VSTS either on-premise or in the cloud.

Free 30 day trial for JIRA cloud, installed immediately – no configuration. See your own data in a new light now.

Free 30 day trial. Added to your Visual Studio Team Services Account as an extension – contact us now to set it up

Available for JIRA or TFS (2015 or 2017) – contact us now to arrange an on premise trial

SenseAdapt key benefits

Real-time awareness of how work is progressing and where to focus. Engage stakeholders with simple, actionable summaries – enabling earlier intervention.
Use facts to protect the team from misaligned expectations.

Answer the questtion;
‘Are we on track?’,
with simple, real-time forecast visualisations

Data-based coaching approach increases rate of team learning through insight and psychological safety

Actionable charts – not just pretty pictures. Explore, discover and click through to edit the underlying work.

Bring to life the key Agile principles of transparency, adaptation, visualisation and empiricism.